Slide Self Hosted Email Marketing Application Easy to navigate, Fast in processing, Efficient usage of resources Easy Fast Efficient Marketing + Transactional Emailing Slide Built-In with a highly intelligent decision-making mechanism helps to engage your customers Email Automater Slide Designed to manage thousands or hundreds of thousands of messages Bulk Mailer Slide Newsletter Manager Create newsletters with powerful drag & drop builders, provides non-technical marketers the power to create beautiful newsletters
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MailCarry is a powerful self-hosted email marketing application that helps you send emails beyond limits. From its core features of efficient contact and list management to more advanced functionality of flexible sending, automated follow-ups, and drips, MailCarry is one step ahead of its contemporary programs.

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Save Money

The bigger your subscriber base becomes, the more expensive it is to communicate with them. What if you can send without worrying about cost or deliverability?

Sending timely campaigns

Create an entire campaign on shorter notice because they don't take as long to plan. Additionally, you can ensure your audience sees the email at the right time.

Reaching the right people at the right time

You sent your email today and you can already track some conversions? That’s fantastic, isn’t it? When the right person reads the content at the right time – SUCCESS!

Lead Generation

Use built-in Email Builder to design awesome templates, connect with your preferred email delivery service, schedule for the perfect time to send, and see your leads graph rising on the go.


Configure PowerMTA
with a few steps

PowerMTA is a widely acclaimed SMTP server application that several ESPs and Enterprise Mailing Solutions use for outbound email delivery. As being a high-performance delivery solution. PowerMTA’s reliability and powerful analytics give you total control of your sending. Improve performance, deliverability, and team efficiency with a simple set up, small hardware footprint, and robust analytics.


Isn’t that super cool? If MailCarry provides you a wizard to configure PowerMTA even you are not technical!

Some Of Our Best Features

MailCarry comes up with almost all the features that an awesome email marketing application should have.

Drag & Drop Template Builder
Auto Follow-Ups
Detailed Reporting
Clients Management
Happy Customer
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What people are saying

This software has been GREAT. It’s well designed, the API is very robust, and the team has been great about providing support and updates.

I’m already planning to have multiple clients of mine buy licenses so I can deploy this on their own servers.


I have used a number of email marketing scripts, but MailCarry is heads and shoulders above any of them. The price of this script doesn’t even come close to reflecting the enormous value provided. If you’re in need of a self hosted autoresponder solution you will be very satisfied with purchasing MailCarry. Also, the developers are extremely responsive and give excellent, almost immediate customer service. I am so happy I discovered this script. This product get’s my highest rating.


It is one of the best email marketing systems I use and the support is undoubtedly the best!


Excellent software and support!


Wonderful seller and software. He knows his job very well. Patient with customer and extreme fast support.
five starts and would recommend


Awesome emailing application with extraordinary fast support. Thank you for this GREAT script. Keep it up, guys!


Amazing support from the guys. The customer support went above and beyond and helped me really quickly. Guys keep going. perfect work. Thank you a lot!!! Just Fantastic!


I have been in to email marketing from a very long period and have tried almost all solutions out there. This is by far the best solution that I have experience at such small price – I couldn’t find any issues however over the period, I have suggested few adjustments and the developers have been kind enough to respond quickly and make changes. This is a wonderful tool for beginners to medium scale marketing, I have thoroughly experienced it using Exim & Postfix and really loved what they’ve done.


You guys are very supportive thanks to solve the issue.
Thank you Team MailCarry


Good platform for our mass mailing .. Support team is also excellent …


All-In-One Automated Email Marketing Platform for your Businesses

Why MailCarry The Best Match For Your Business!!

  • - Stay in contact with your audience

  • - Reach customers in real-time

  • - People engage with emails

  • - Email marketing is easy to measure

  • - It’s affordable & timely

  • - Allows for targeted messaging

Why You Should Have Your Own Email Marketing System

Email marketers normally use third-party services like Mailchimp, SendGrid, MailGun, GetResponse, AWeber, ActiveCampaign, and a lot of others to

Key Points for Cold Email Marketers

Cold email marketing is a process of communicating with exceptions, by using email as the main way of communication.

Types of Marketing Emails That Actually Generate a Response

Are you the type of person who is willing to make 50+ phone calls per day in an attempt to add