Why You Should Have Your Own Email Marketing System

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Email marketers normally use third-party services like Mailchimp, SendGrid, MailGun, GetResponse, AWeber, ActiveCampaign, and a lot of others to manage their emails and send email marketing campaigns; however, if you want to be a professional email marketer, then you need to have your own email marketing system.

So what is an email marketing system, and why should you have your own email marketing system?

Email Marketing Systems

An email marketing system is an application that allows you to plan, execute, and monitor email marketing campaigns. Moreover, they provide marketers with reporting and analytics that will allow them to measure key metrics and fine-tune their strategy.

To be a professional email marketer, either you will need to use any market available email marketing systems (Mailchimp, SendGrid, MailGun, GetResponse , AWeber, ActiveCampaign…etc.) or you can replace the full system with your own.

5 Reasons You Need Your Own Email Marketing System

1: Pricing

The first and main reason you should consider having your own system is because it’s significantly cheaper.

For example, take a look at the GetResponse plan.

Monthly payments start at $15 and are dependent on the number of contacts with limited features, and the price will significantly increase when you will increase the number of contacts to send email.

It means if you have a list of 1000 subscribers only then the cost will be $65/month.

But with your own email marketing application like MailCarry the price will significantly reduce, because you will only need to pay a very minimal amount only one time in your life and configure your own SMTPs within MailCarry, It cost you not more than $10/month for a list of huge subscribers.

2: SMTP/ESP Switching

The second most important reason is SMTP/ ESP switching. Means, If you are not getting good results from a specific SMTP/ Third party ESP then you can switch on others at any time, It’s all in your hand!

3: Limited Subscribers

Almost all email marketing companies have a limit on subscribers to their plans, but with your own email marketing application, you will not worry about a subscriber limit.

4: Cold Emails

If you started a  new business and would like to send cold outreach emails, you won’t find any email marketing companies that allow sending that kind of email.

You could use a company like Woodpecker, but you would need to connect your G suite account and so on.

So having your own system email marketing application, you can send cold emails and any other type of emails

5:  No Worry about Get Banned

The good thing about this is that you don’t have to worry about waking up one day and discovering that you were banned from your own account for whatever reason.

By owning your own system, all you really need to do is follow best practices and guidelines to keep your system safe.

In conclusion, with your own email marketing system, pricing is cheaper, no limit on the subscribers, can send cold emails, not worry about getting banned, and you can switch SMTP services any time.

I hope this article convinced you to at least consider having your own email marketing system.