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The purpose of email marketing goes beyond pitching an offer. It builds customer loyalty, nurtures leads, and increases direct sales, not to mention brand awareness every time a recipient clicks on your email. Sending bulk emails involves time-consuming processes, which include preparing a list, segregating it to subgroups, sending the actual emails, and creating feedback reports. MailCarry does away with these and automates much of the manual workflows.


Due to the efficient usage of resources, you will enjoy a great speed even with fewer resources


Simple and elegant design will never confuse you to navigate

Unlimited Everything

No subscriber count and no limited quota, designed to send bulk emails efficiently

Email List Management

To keep your contacts organized based on their engagement and who they are

Custom Fields

Custom fields are actually the fields you can create to save contact information other than just email

Template Builders

Create responsive, professional B2B and B2C email templates with a free drag & drop email builders.


Classify the data by applying handy filters and increase the open rates by 203%.


Automatic reaction to a subscriber’s on a particular action or behavioral pattern

Auto Follow-ups

A follow-up tool to help sales teams make leads, schedule meetings and secure more sales.

Split Test

Helps you learn what works best with your contacts so that you can improve your email marketing over time

Sending Domains

Domain you want your emails to send from is referred to as sending domain within MailCarry

Tracking Domains

Allow masking of the domains used in the tracking URLs from email campaigns


Super easy wizard to configure PowerMTA even you are not technical

Sending servers

Integrate with the industry’s leading mail services and SMTP servers to ensure sustainable delivery

Bounce servers

Bounce handler is the centralized function within MailCarry that you will use to connect to your bounce email

Feedback Loop Servers

Manage your  spam complaints submitted by recipients of their messages

Blacklist Monitors

Monitor the emails when automatically added in the global blacklisted for any reason


When emails are added to a suppression list, the system automatically ignores them for sending future campaigns

Domain / IP Blacklist

Continuously monitor your IPs/Domains to take instant action when blacklisted

Web Forms

Website form to capture visitor information and store that information as a new lead

Custom Pages

Customize your landing pages and emails in a beautiful way


Another handy feature and you can use to keep changing/rotating the pieces of content in your email!


A random section is chosen from each curly-braced section of text makes your content more dynamic

Image Manager

Centralized function to separately manage all the images you want to use later in your campaigns

IP Rotation

Precisely designed to manage the sender reputation with built-in IP rotation module

Geo Location

Find out geographical location of the recipients that opens/clicks

Detailed Stats

Measure every aspect of your email campaign and use these insights to improve your future sending

Activity Log

Keep a log of everything that happens on your application

Client Management

Powerful client management system can help to use MailCarry as a SAAS

Staff Management

Share application modules with different users